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Silk Pillow Cases **New Seasonal Item**

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$85.00 - $165.00
Experience the luxury of self care while recharging on what feels like a dreamy cloud, with silk pillowcases sewn and hand-dyed by a local Sonoma County artisan. Sleeping on hypoallergenic silk is proven to improve hair quality, gently regulate temperature, and allows your skin to retain moisture.
Choose between three colorsWalnut, Rosemary, or Lavender.
*As these silk pillowcases are hand dyed, some color variation may occur. Natural dyes can be described as “living color”. They have a charm and timeline unlike synthetic dyes. Because of this connection to nature, some colors may shift or lighten over time, especially exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.
*Each pillowcase measures 20 X 29' with an envelope style closure.
We spend half of our life in bed. With that much time dedicated to rest you deserve a pillowcase that does more for you then just cover your pillow. With silk, you can experience luxury and self care while recharging on a hand crafted pillowcase loaded with hair and skin supporting benefits.
Sleep on hypoalergenic silk is knowmn to improve hair quality. The smooth surface of silk is more gentle on your hair resulting in a decrease of damage and hair loss. 

Silk naturally regulates temperature, and allows your skin to retain moisture. This antimicrobial benefit means less moisture and perspiration are absorbed into the fiber requiring less washing to maintain your pillowcase.
Silk contains a protein called sericin that is scientifically shown to to increase the production of collagen, making your pillowcase support a healthy skin barrier.
Gently hand was with ph neautral soap like Seventh Generation or Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap. Line dry out of direct sunlight. Iron on a low of silk setting. One or two times a month is ideal and will preserve the sparkle of the silk.