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Professional Wholesale Services

Our wholesale offerings are designed to support your company's unique vision and professional goals:

  • KM Essentials Collection

    • Luxury spa line for professionals

    • Unique formulas & regimens for diverse clientele

    • Prepackaged & labeled units for resale

  • Private Label

    • Extended product selection (including unscented)

    • Unlabeled for client branding

    • Low Order Minimums ($100)

  • Backbar & Bulk

    • Professional backbar for spa treatment rooms

    • Easy dispensing for refills

    • Bulk discounts (1 gal, 5 gal)

​*These services are available to professionals,​ brands, and businesses authorized to purchase wholesale and ​who hold ​valid seller's permits. ​​

We seek to add value to your business, allowing you to do what you love while reminding you why you love it!

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Why Work with Us?

  • Over twenty-five years of formulating and manufacturing experience: Informed by the expertise of our founder, our team incorporates knowledge of herbalism, aromatherapy, flower essences, reiki, and massage therapy into intentionally-crafted formulas to address a myriad of industry need.

  • Diverse professional clientele: We work with spas, salons, brands, boutiques, and entrepreneurs, as well as beauty, wellness, and medical professionals to bring their company vision to life.

  • Low Order Minimums: Minimums for our professional lines are only $100.

  • Educational & supplemental resources: Subscribe to our newsletter and follow our blog to receive educational articles and guides, new product launches and promotions, and the latest developments from KM Herbals.

  • Women owned & operated: Inspired by our story of a mother's love, we are proudly founded and fueled by women for over a quarter century!

Professional Quality Formulas

Access an extended selection of personal care formulas including:

  • Skincare 
  • Body Care 
  • Hair Care
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Massage
  • Wellness 
  • Women
  • Men
  • Baby​
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KM Essentials Collection

Our KM Essentials Collection is an exclusive professional line, offering a wide selection of personal care products prepackaged and labeled as units for resale.


Designed with busy estheticians, massage therapists, hairstylists and other wellness and beauty professionals in mind, this line offers a variety of product and regimen options to enhance your retail sales selection.

Our clean look is meant to highlight the vibrancy and variety of botanicals at the core of every formula - complementing any reception area or treatment room.

We offer sample kits of our favorite regimens, treatments, and best selling formulas to aid in exploring our extensive collection!

What is Private Labeling?

Private Labeling is a process in which the manufacturer (that’s us!) produces products for use under another brand (that’s you!). This is a common practice in the beauty, food, and fashion industries, and a wonderful tool for those with unique branding visions and business philosophies.

Private Labeling with KM Herbals allows you to hand-select items at wholesale prices that best fit your business and branding needs, giving you the freedom to control your product marketing, pricing, and distribution.

​KM Herbals private label clients choose from an extended line of premiere stock formula products with various resale size and aromatherapy scenting options (including unscented).


Backbar & Bulk Sizing

  • We provide an abundance of quality packaging in professional backbar sizing made of recyclable amber glass and PET plastic to better protect products from light and deterioration! Larger bulk sizes are also available at bulk discounts for stocking and refilling needs!