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Silk Eye Mask **New Seasonal Item**

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Experience soft and soothing silk as you sleep! Our silk sleep masks are hand dyed by a local Sonoma County artisan with a combination of flowers, veggies, herbs, and eco fiber reactive dyes to create one of kind textiles.
Choose between two colors: Walnut or Rosemary.
*Note: These silk eye masks are hand dyed, some color variation may occur. Natural dyes can be described as “living color”. They have a charm and timeline unlike synthetic dyes. Because of this connection to nature, some colors may shift or lighten over time, especially exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.
Care Instructions: Gently hand wash with pH neutral soap like 7th generation or wash on a delicate cycle in the washing machine, tumble dry low to dry and fluff.
Simply put on the mask as you head to bed or spritz with hydrosol to add to the aromatherapeutic experience!