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Aromatherapy Wellness: Exploring The Power of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Wellness: Exploring The Power of Essential Oils

Posted by KM Herbals on Dec 6th 2021

Can essential oils be used to promote wellness and achieve health and skincare goals? We firmly believe that the answer is yes!

Below we will take a close look at using aromatherapy for herbal wellness, and how botanicals can be used to support a holistic lifestyle. We will cover some of the important therapeutic uses for essential oils as well as tackle some of the common questions revolving around the practice of aromatherapy and how you can get started.

Does Aromatherapy Actually Improve Your Wellness?
To understand the benefits of essential oils, it’s worth taking a step back to look at the subject of herbal wellness as a whole, specifically: how plants of all kinds benefit us in a myriad of ways.

Think about the latest superfoods that are making the rounds on health blogs, or the key ingredients in many up-and-coming skincare products. They share one major commonality: they either are or are derived from plants! Aromatherapy itself is just one part of the wider green beauty and alternative health movement. But while there are many ways to explore your relationship to wellness with the power of plants, these sustainability-centered approaches also help tend to your relationship with the Earth.

Finding wellness through aromatherapy can be as simple as relaxing with the help of a carefully crafted aromatherapy blend containing Lavender Oil, or adding a high-quality facial cleanser to your skincare routine that contains essential oils as an active ingredient to promote younger-looking skin. While there are many options for how to use essential oils, what you may be asking is “why?”

Do Essential Oils Work?
What are essential oils exactly? Even if you are an avid proponent of aromatherapy, you may only be loosely familiar with the manner in which these plant extracts are obtained and used.

Pure essential oils are taken from several different plant sources, depending on the specific oil in question. For instance, some aromatherapy oils are derived from flowers, whereas others come from the actual leaves of plants.


In fact, essential oils can come from fruits, flower petals, seeds, stems, and even the roots of various plant species, ranging from herbs to trees. The process typically involves steam distillation, which is a gentle, natural method that works for most kinds of plants. Other kinds of extraction methods exist, such as cold expression, which is often used to extract citrus oils.

These oils are complex and contain numerous different chemical compounds that are known to produce various effects. Since the oils are so concentrated, they have to be utilized in very specific ways in order for us to enjoy them, such as through diffusion or dilution in a carrier oil if applied directly to the skin.

The question of their efficacy really comes down to understanding the many ways in which we benefit from botanicals. There is a wealth of holistic wellness to be found in nature, and essential oils are often considered a powerful expression of this. These oils have been used extensively throughout history for everything from folk remedies to crafting candles and incense and continue to be used today for such purposes. We now know that the nutrients and various compounds found within the plant kingdom play a vital role in our overall health and well-being, which is one reason why plant-based movements are taking off like they are.

While eating nutritious fruits and vegetables is one obvious way to enjoy the benefits of plants, essential oils open up an alternative avenue for us to take. Many of the compounds found within these oils are known to produce certain beneficial effects for the body, mind, and spirit alike. From skin-toning to anxiety relief, aromatherapy products seem to offer a wide range of possibilities for personal wellness.

Using The Right Aromatherapy Products
One of the most important parts of getting into aromatherapy is making sure you are using only the best products available. This means real essential oils that aren’t diluted with fragrances or fillers, spa-quality aromatherapy skincare products, and so on.

When it comes to aromatherapy wellness, it’s the quality of the products that will often determine the kind of result you will get. Whenever you are dealing with botanicals, whether in skincare or anything else, there are certain things to take note of.

For instance, the freshness of the products. Plant-based products lose their potency fast if their ingredients are allowed to sit on a shelf for an extended period of time. You also want to think about the actual formulas being used. Are the ingredients carefully selected to work in concert with each other?

Other products that will help you when it comes to herbal wellness include dry brushes and diffusers, as well as carrier oils if you are interested in creating your own blends and applying them to the skin.

Here are a few examples of products you will want to think about using if you want to get into aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Blends and Essential Oil Diffusers
When most people think of aromatherapy, incense and diffusers usually come to mind. These traditional methods of enjoying aromatherapy oils can be quite effective in matters of holistic health.

While specific essential oils can be rather effective for certain purposes on their own, a blend of these oils can be used to create unique fragrances and enhanced effects. For instance, many luxury perfumes contain several different essential oils for this very reason, because when blended carefully and in the right proportions, these oils can produce magnificent results.

Since certain essential oils are known to produce similar or related effects, herbalists and experts in the field are able to use their knowledge in order to blend several of these oils together for a desired effect. For instance, we carry an uplifting aromatherapy blend that contains Lavender Oil, Tangerine Peel Oil, and Lemongrass Oil, which are great for mood-boosting and an all-around invigorating feel. You can diffuse such aromatherapy blends and fill an entire room with the particulates, which can improve the whole atmosphere around you. Try experimenting with different blends depending on your wellness needs!

Essential Wellness Products
One big aspect of wellness involves proper sanitation and hygiene, and essential oils can be a great compliment here. Aromatherapy oils can be a powerful way to augment important household items like hand soap and hand sanitizer. These plant-based oils can also be used in mask mists as well.


Given the current state of things, it’s important to keep after our immune systems. That not only means reducing stress in our lives and eating right, but having high-quality products on hand. We all know how important it is to stay germ-free these days, but excessive use of hand sanitizers and similar products can actually do more harm than good when it comes to skin health. By using products such as our Aroma Pure Hand Soap and best-selling Aroma Hand Sanitizer Plus, you can stay clean while also nourishing your skin with the power of essential oils.

Other Aromatherapy Wellness Products to Consider
Living holistically means taking care of yourself completely. Most of us understand the importance of popular skincare and wellness products such as hand sanitizer and facial cleansers, but there are other products out there that might be worth your consideration if you are really interested in seeing how aromatherapy can benefit you.

Aromatherapy Purifying Spray
While common disinfectants do the trick in a pinch, you might want to consider using something that’s formulated with better ingredients. This is not only better for ecological reasons but also for promoting general wellness around the home. A plant-based purifying spray made with essential oils and other botanicals will help your home smell heavenly, will tackle germs, and is much better for the environment overall.

Mask Mists
How many of us are still wearing masks? For those of us who are health conscious or who simply can’t resist traveling and visiting public venues such as museums and concerts, masks are still a part of our everyday lives. That means you have to keep after them, especially on the go. While regular washing is of course the most important way to ensure that your masks stay hygienic, it can’t hurt to carry around a mask mist with essential oils such as our Rosalina Mask Mist. Plenty of purifying power combined with a light and airy scent!

Skincare and Body Care Products
The extent of aromatherapy wellness doesn’t stop there. A few drops of essential oil is all it takes to transform an otherwise ordinary cleanser or moisturizer into a powerful wellness product.


Certain essential oils possess an array of naturally-occurring benefits when it comes to toning and cleansing the skin, along with plenty of other therapeutic and beautifying effects. If you take a look through our collection of herbal wellness products, you will find just about every aspect of skin health covered. Whether you are looking for hydrating serums or moisturizing lip balms, we have you covered. It’s remarkable just how versatile aromatherapy oils can be, especially when used alongside other reliable plant-based ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and similar skincare staples.

How to Get Started With Aromatherapy
It’s easier than you might think to get started with aroma care herbals and similar aromatherapy wellness products. Here are some general guidelines to help set you on the right track if you are completely new.

●Determine your current wellness goals. What are you looking for?

●Start off simple with products that you know you will use and that meet your specific needs. Maybe you are looking for a calming aromatherapy blend that can lessen your stress and anxiety, or you simply need a high-quality hand sanitizer to keep with you while you are running errands.

●Get in the habit of practicing aromatherapy on a regular basis, not just at select times. For instance, apply essential oils or your favorite aromatherapy blend to your bathwater, or take advantage of a bath bomb with essential oils instead. Keep your diffuser on while you are working if you find that it helps you relax. Use everyday items like hand soap and purifying sprays liberally.

●Read up on the different effects of various essential oils so you will have a better understanding of which products you might want to use on your skin to produce a certain result.

You can also browse through our products, each of which includes plenty of information on the specific aromatherapy oils that are used to formulate the desired effects. For anyone interested in aromatherapy wellness, we have everything you need right here to help get you started.