What is Wellness?

What is Wellness?

Posted by KM Herbals on Mar 3rd 2020

Wellness can mean many things. We hear about it often as messages of encouragement, instruction, maybe even promotion. But what does it ultimately mean to be well?

At KM Herbals, we believe it's not only about quality of life, but qualities of life!

We understand wellness as a dynamic experience, rather than a static state of being. Our unique needs often require experimentation to discover what enlivens and supports us, rather than relying on a one-size-fits mentality.

The development of quality self-care practices creates ritual in our lives, ultimately directing and expanding our individual paths to collective wellness!

We believe wellness stems from awareness and appreciation of the sweet and simple things. It can be a challenge in our global and ever stimulated world, but engaging with the things that ground us most in the present moment is a deeply worthy investment.

We believe that true wellness is a result of connection - to ourselves and to our community! It is so often the reminder of how we are connected to the greater whole that reignites our purpose and our passions.