Organic Frankincense & Rose Hydrosol, Herbal Frankincense & Rose Toner

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Frankincense & Rose Hydrosol & Toner

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Gentle Botanical Mist for Dry and Sensitive Skin!
A gentle astringent and highly therapeutic botanical mist, our Frankincense & Rose Hydrosol makes a great toner for dry, damaged, and sensitive skin. This blend of gentle and rejuvenating extracts improves the look of damaged or discolored skin while helping lock in moisture. Additionally, the warm and woody undertones of the Frankincense makes this product great for refreshing a room, clearing space during meditation or yoga practice, or providing a personal aromatherapeutic sense of balance and calm.
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Formulated For: Dry, dehydrated, mature, sensitive skin

Formulated With:
  • Rose Hydrosol (Rosa damascena):
    supports skin health and appearance; hydrating and protective; soothing and calming; gently astringent and cleansing; improves skin texture and tone
  • Frankincense Hydrosol (Boswellia serrata):
    supports skin health and appearance; hydrating and protective; gently astringent and cleansing; improves skin texture and tone

Hydrosols are obtained at the same time as an essential oil during the steam distillation process of plant material. There are oil-soluble and water-soluble constituents that are extracted from the plant, both bearing many of the same healing properties. The resulting oil portion is the essential oil. This extract is highly concentrated and often must be diluted before making contact with the skin. The water portion of the distillate is the hydrosol. Hydrosols are much lighter in concentration, making them safe for direct skin contact and useful for a variety of applications. As facial toners, hydrosols continue the cleansing process, refreshing your pores and calming the skin while adding moisture, balance, and protection. Our hydrosols can be lightly misted over the face without disturbing makeup or sensitive eyes. Their user-friendly spray-on application makes them a great on-the-go product, perfect for your purse, desk, or locker. You can also enjoy hydrosols as: room or body fresheners, aromatherapy spritzers, powder makeup setting sprays, post-workout skin refreshers, liquid bases for powdered masks.
​Spray onto face, neck, and body after cleansing and before moisturizing.
Common Names:
*Frankincense Hydrosol, *Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI):
*Boswellia Carterii (Frankincense) Water, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water

* Organic
+ Ethically Wild Harvested

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  • 5
    Feels amazing

    Posted by Sophia Jane on Feb 7th 2023

    I love putting a spritz on each morning, it’s very relaxing and a perfect way to cleanse my face for the day. I’ll definitely be purchasing more when mine runs out!

  • 5

    Posted by Azusa on Nov 2nd 2022

    Used it at the end of the long day, and It was so soothing! It was what I was looking for!! My skin did not get irritated, which was always my concern when I tried any new items.

  • 5

    Posted by Brandelle on Jun 21st 2021

    This is one of my favorite products from KM Herbals. This spray is so light and refreshing I find myself using it multiple times a day - after the shower when my face is very clean I love to mist and let it sit a few minutes before I put on my moisturizer. It's great after exercise to freshen up quickly - it feels cool on my face. I also use it as an afternoon pick-me-up, a quick spritz feels and smells so good.