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How to Perform a Revitalizing Detox Using an Aromatherapy Kit

How to Perform a Revitalizing Detox Using an Aromatherapy Kit

Posted by KM Herbals on Oct 4th 2021

From dietary choices to environmental pollutants, we face an array of constant challenges that can impact the condition of our skin. Knowing how to combat these hazards is key if you want your skin to remain as smooth, healthy, and as youthful-looking as possible.

An aromatherapy kit can be used to help you exfoliate and renew your skin through the power of high-quality essential oils and gentle dry brushing. Not entirely familiar with this holistic skincare technique? Below we have put together everything you need to know in order to get started.

An Introduction to Dry Brushing The practice of dry brushing involves the use of a stiff-bristled brush to gently massage the skin. Doing so is thought to stimulate the skin in a variety of ways, as well as help with opening pores and exfoliation. When combined with aromatherapy oils, this simple skincare technique can yield amazing results, especially if you are experiencing dry and flaky skin or simply feel sluggish.

How does dry brushing work and what is the role of the essential oils? From a surface-level standpoint, brushing or massaging the skin in this manner simply helps to slough away dead skin cells and help to remove dirt and toxins that have built up in your pores. Even if you regularly cleanse your skin and eat a healthy diet, over time there can be a build-up in your pores that can lead to irritation and blemishes.

Right beneath the surface of our skin rests the lymphatic system, which plays an important role in numerous bodily processes concerning the removal of toxins from the body. It is thought that dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, thereby helping your skin to look healthier and giving it that nice glow we’re all looking for.

Depending on the conditions we are faced with, our skin can become dry and irritated, or clogged and inflamed. In general, regular exfoliation can work to prevent these conditions from forming, in tandem with other best skincare practices such as consistent cleansing and moisturizing, plenty of sleep, and a balanced diet. This is what makes dry brushing so appealing, as it is a reliable exfoliating method.

The Importance of Giving Your Skin a Detox Most of us are already accustomed to giving the skin on our face plenty of love, with quality cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, toners, and everything else that’s available these days. However, when it comes to body care, your skincare repertoire may not be quite as robust.

While facial skin is considered the most delicate and prone to blemishes and aging, it’s still important to look after the skin all over your body as well. Dry patches, irritation, and even clogged pores can pop up everywhere, not just on our faces. In fact, it’s areas such as our hands and feet that endure a ton of wear throughout the day and that need more attention than you might think.

In terms of staying healthy, especially from a skincare standpoint, giving your skin a detox can help you keep on course.

What does it mean to detox your skin? This terminology is often used to describe special diets or fasting practices that are meant to give your body a rest or flush it out with the help of a plant-based diet. However, when discussing skincare, a detox simply means getting rid of all of the dirt and oil that could be clogging up your pores, while massaging the skin and helping to clean it out by stimulating the skin’s natural detoxification abilities.

After all, we take for granted that our skin is actually one of the main ways that our body relieves waste, primarily through sweating. Under certain conditions, however, it’s all too easy for these processes to become sluggish or not operate correctly. This is when blemishes, rashes, discoloration, and patches of dry skin tend to form. By “detoxing” the skin with the proper tools, products, and techniques, you can potentially alleviate these issues while promoting healthy, vibrant skin.

Using Your Aromatherapy Kit Effectively Aromatherapy skincare products such as essential oil blends are a great way to enhance your skincare routine, and work well when used alongside dry brushing. Here in our store you will find a carefully curated aromatherapy kit that might be just what you need to give your skin the extra love and care it deserves.

By placing a drop or two of your preferred essential oil on your hand and then gently working the bristles of the brush across your palm, you can then begin a methodical exfoliation session that combines the benefits of dry brushing with the plant-based power of aromatherapy.

This technique can be used for a variety of different purposes. For instance, using Peppermint Essential Oil might be an excellent way to revitalize your skin first thing in the morning, while a different choice such as our Lymph Lover option might be better suited to help you relax at the end of a long day.

Aromatherapy oils each hold specific properties that make them beneficial for different skin needs, making these oils great to have around depending on how you want to help your skin.

When it comes to getting the most out of a dry brushing session, the key is to be as thorough as possible. Dry skin, dead skin cells and dirt tend to occur and accumulate in areas we often don’t give nearly enough attention to, such as the undersides of our feet, or our backs. Spend time using your dry bristle brush to carefully massage these areas in order to not only cleanse them, but to stimulate them as well.

You can also use an oil diffuser while you dry brush for a truly holistic experience that will help you completely unwind and relax. Either way, we carry an array of helpful aromatherapy products that you might be interested in if you are thinking about giving your skin what it needs to stay youthful and healthy.

The Best Products For Healthy Skin Taking care of your skin is easier than you think as long as you know the right techniques and have high-quality skin care products on hand. From professional aromatherapy kits to spa-quality  moisturizers and cleansers that feature the best plant-based ingredients, let KM Herbals be your go-to location for all things skincare.

Need some assistance in choosing the best aromatherapy kit or self-care products for you? Give us a call at 707-878-2980 and we would be happy to assist you. We firmly believe in the power of plant-based skincare and what it can do for you, so take a look through our store to find out more about our products or contact us if you have any questions!