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Bath Salts: Everything You Need to Know on this Skincare Game-Changer

Bath Salts: Everything You Need to Know on this Skincare Game-Changer

Posted by KM Herbals on Mar 4th 2022

We all know just how dear our daily cleansers and moisturizers are to us, as they truly make our skin feel clear, nourished, hydrated, and, essentially, loved. Even biweekly face masks can amp up our skin’s illuminative features and make us feel rejuvenated.

While we agree that these products are vital to your skincare routine, it’s evident that these products prioritize solely the skin on your face and neck. But, what about the rest of your body’s skin? It, too, should reap the benefits of serious TLC from the most high-quality products.

Plus, who doesn’t love a little at-home spa day now and then?

When it comes to your body’s skincare health, there are several products that you can implement into your daily shower/bath routine or even utilize weekly, monthly, or for special occasions. One prime example of this is bath salts.

What Are Bath Salts?
Bath salts are often a highly soluble mixture of so-called “salts” that may be a blend of Sea Salt and Epsom Salt (which is technically not a salt, but a mineral called Magnesium Sulfate, though it is similar in structure and use).

Bath salts have various benefits, from muscle fatigue relief to skin exfoliation, and even more traditional medicinal uses. Some bath salts for sale also contain other helpful ingredients in them, such as essential oils.

While bath salts have grown in popularity in more recent times, bath salts actually have been utilized for various purposes since ancient times. Chinese pharmacology has records of their use as early as 2700 B.C.!

What Are the Benefits of Using Bath Salts?
When you purchase and utilize the highest quality bath salts for sale on the market, you can likely anticipate reaping numerous benefits. These benefits include:

●Exfoliated and moisturized skin

●Reduced muscle and joint discomfort

●Skin relieved from dryness or itchiness

●Increased sense of clarity and rejuvenation

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of using bath salts, they are also great for post-workout relief and rest, or as an enjoyable way to relax at the end of the day.

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How Do You Use Bath Salts?
The most popular way to use bath salts is to soak in the water in which they were dissolved (hence the “bath” in “bath salts”), but there are many ways to utilize these luxurious products. Let’s first start with the obvious one:

Take a Soothing Bath with Bath Salts
Here are directions to use bath salts in a warm bath soak:

1. Fill your bathtub with a comfortable level of warm water.

2. Sprinkle the designated amount of bath salts (a handful of our bath salts for sale) into your prepared bathwater.

3. Use your hand to “stir” the salts into the water until they dissolve.

4. Carefully enter the bath and relax for at least 20 minutes (but take as long as you’d like!)

When you take a bath with bath salts, you should use the most applicable bath salts for your desired goals. Our Blue Chamomile Bath Salts, for example, are formulated for relieving fatigued and sore muscles. While our Sage Bath Salts can also relieve sore muscles, they can also refresh and open your sinuses while relaxing your entire body.

Enjoy a Relaxing Foot Soak
You can also soak specific body parts in bath salts outside of your bathtub, such as in a foot soak. This is beneficial for the skin on your feet, as your feet tend to hang onto dead skin more stubbornly than other parts of your body. After a foot soak with bath salts and an exfoliator tool to remove the dead skin, your feet will feel significantly softer than before.

Using a foot soak can also provide other benefits, such as soothing itchiness, improving nail discoloration, or deodorizing the feet.

To put it plainly, a foot soak has many benefits for simply rejuvenating those weary feet that carry you to and fro every day!

You can prepare a foot soak with bath salts by doing the following:

1. Fill a basin or a foot spa with warm water (make sure it will cover your feet and ankles).

2. Add the recommended amount of bath salts to your water and stir to ensure they dissolve.

3. Place your feet within the bath while you are seated comfortably.

4. Enjoy your foot soak for at least 30 minutes

5. Remove your feet from the bath and dry them thoroughly before moisturizing.

Vastly Improve Your Shower Routine
Not everyone has a bathtub or even enjoys taking a bath. If you are more of a shower-goer, then not to worry: you can use bath salts, too! There are several ways you can reap their benefits while in the shower. One of which is to sprinkle them on the shower floor while you wash, which will allow you to enjoy the created aromatic steam.

You can also create your own skin scrub and use it in the shower, which oftentimes can be more advantageous as this method involves direct topical application. Here is how you can create your own skin scrub with any one of our bath salts:

1. Mix in a bowl 1 cup of our bath salts and ⅓ cup of your preferred oil (olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil work exceptionally well) until you have a thick paste.

2. While in your warm shower, take your thick paste mixture and apply it to your skin, scrubbing it with your hands.

3. Rinse.

Are Bath Salts Good for All Skin Types?
As mentioned earlier, bath salts are especially helpful with those who have dry skin, but what about other skin types?

Fortunately, bath salts can greatly assist all skin types! However, you should keep in mind the specific essential oils and other ingredients in the bath salts for sale that you consider. Tea Tree oil, for just one example, is an excellent oil for those with oily skin. Find the right bath salt option that caters to your specific skin!

What Are the Best Bath Salts for Sale?
The best bath salts for sale are easily those with bath salts and essential oils, as the combination of both provide numerous benefits to you and your body. Browse our options of transforming bath salts to find the most ideal option to bring the care and attention your skin, mind, and body need!